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Lukas Rosenstock's Blog

My blog had been on a four-month hiatus during the summer. Since the end of September, I have stepped up the frequency of posting new content. The long break was mostly due to me being unsure about the scope of the blog. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. I’m considering this blog a professional one, an extension of my freelance business, a way to showcase my work and communicate with existing and potential clients. However, there are so many things that I feel like talking about that would be outside that definition. They are still very much part of my personal and entrepreneurial journey because they shape the way I think. So I’ve decided to ponder less about boundaries and try to post more.

The only constraint is that I want to stick to mostly short- and medium-form writing and not make this blog a place for really long-winded thoughts, essays, or tutorial-style posts. Something that I can write in one to a maximum of three Pomodoro sessions. In that way, I can actually ship posts instead of just collecting ideas or working on never-finishing drafts.

Blogging is beneficial even without an audience because writing about something helps with clarifying one’s thoughts. For a non-native speaker like myself, it also helps me to hone my written English skills.

On the other hand, I believe it’s crucial to cultivate a personal brand and define what you stand for and what makes you unique. Blogging more will certainly help me do that.

There are many good examples of people who gained new professional and personal opportunities because of what they published online. Even I have won one paid contract due to a blog post that I wrote. In this specific case, it wasn’t something that I wrote on a personal blog but a guest post. Still, it underlines the importance of putting your name out there. And since you never truly own your representation on someone else’s website, it’s essential to have a place online to call your own. Thank you for coming to this place to read this!

If you want to read more about this subject, I recommend Jamie Tanna’s article “Why I Have a Website and You Should Too”.