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Social Media Resolutions

A couple of months ago I wrote about rethinking my involvement with Since then nothing interesting has happened in the ADN-sphere but the trend of users leaving for other places has continued. As I've already mentioned back then there are a lot of interesting alternatives. Manton Reece's Snippets, for example, has not been released yet but it has been renamed to and runs a very successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Jason (@matigo) and Robert (@33Mhz) are still devoted to 10Centuries and pnut respectively. With Mastodon, another interesting contender has entered the field of "decentralized social networks" and luckily it doesn't reinvent the wheel but is compatible with GNU social.

I'm committed to embrace and experiment with different networks for personal use. I would like to also be "more social" on these networks and interact more with people instead of just dumping my reading recommendations which make up the majority of my social posts at the moment. At the same time more of my investment into social media will be centered around my new project CloudObjects, its blog and the related social media channels.

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"The year is 2024 for a few more hours", a piece on by Julien Genestoux: https:[email protected]/the-year-is-2024-for-a-few-more-hours-6c96d3b3569a#.irv0esyda

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