Lukas Rosenstock

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Co-Founder & CTO Jadoos Inc.
(Disclaimer: Content shared here expresses my personal opinion.)

Creator of : connecting and the !

Interested in way too many things!
Posts in English und auf Deutsch.

"Dropbox: the first dead decacorn":
A thought from Alex Danco: files will become less relevant and kill Dropbox.

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ICYMI - Analysis of hacked "Ashley Madison" database suggests the majority of the site's women were fake profiles:

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"The Organization is Broken":
Rising economic inequality, increased automation, employee disengagement ...

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"Nazis wie Untermenschen behandeln? Eher so mittelklug.":
Ich finde das musste auch mal gesagt werden!

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Brandon (@remus):

"Dad, what’s finally mean?"

"Well, first you try, then you catch, and then you finally!"


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