Lukas Rosenstock's Blog


I am Lukas Rosenstock, and this is my blog. It is where I publish medium-sized posts on topics I’m interested in, personal and professional, that I want to share with the world.

The defining feature of this blog is that it intentionally is a continuous wall of black text on a white background. There are no pictures, and there are no post headers or titles of any kind. I also host it on’s fully managed service. The idea is that I want to have a place where I can “stream” my thoughts without getting caught up in optimizing for discovery through SEO-optimized titles or pretty pictures for social media previews or need to fix technical issues before I can get into writing. I don’t follow a schedule or an overall theme and write whenever I feel like it. On a typical post, I generally spend less than two hours. While there’s no editing or optimization process, I still find and link related previous posts whenever I can so you can explore the blog like a digital garden starting with any post and wading through older posts. Start either from the homepage with the most recent post or the “Archive” page.

Like many others, I have cycled through setting up and shutting down various personal websites and blogs when I was younger. My first site was on a free subdomain, and I probably first registered the domain in 1999 or 2000, which means I’ve had it for over 20 years at the time of writing this. The domain featured various content and designs that may or may not exist anymore and moved providers more than once. The current iteration, the blog hosted on, started in late 2018, and I am now committed that it is here to stay without links breaking as long as I can maintain it.

I’ve used this “About” page to describe the site more than describe myself because a static description could become stale. Instead, I have added a “Now” page that I will update more frequently.