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Receiving an Amazon Prime order in an oversized box, Om Malik wrote musings about their environmental impact:

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Phone Numbers and the IndieWeb

I recently wrote a blog post about using domains, emails or phone numbers as user identifiers, in which I argued that the good old phone number is becoming an important mainstream user identifier again. To follow up on that, I would like to write down a few thoughts about connecting phone numbers and the (indie) web, looking at use cases as well as the required technology and protocols.

When I install an OTT messaging app such as Threema, Viber or WhatsApp on my phone, it scans the phone's address book and looks up which of my friends it knows. Not only can I now write them through the app, I may also receive some current information from them, such as their nickname, current status or a profile picture. This information can be shown in the messaging app itself or, for example, my native phone app could display the availability of a person when I'm initiating an outbound call or show the user's own profile picture with an incoming call. This is something that neither of these apps do right now; implementations do exist but I can't remember any right now. The only problem is that for any of these use cases, both me and my friend need to have the same app because the implementation is based on looking up each other's phone number in an internal, proprietary database.

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Good morning dear people of the Internet :)

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Good reminder from SaraJo that being interested in STEM and being a "girly girl" is not mutually exclusive:

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