Lukas Rosenstock

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Co-Founder & CTO Jadoos Inc.
(Disclaimer: Content shared here expresses my personal opinion.)

Creator of : connecting and the !

Interested in way too many things!
Posts in English und auf Deutsch.

If I could make one feature request for @nice_social to @matigo: I'd prefer my home screen with the setting "Show posts @ directed to users I don't follow" turned off like I use it on Alpha. Feels quite noisy otherwise.

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Interesting article about how the life of homeless people changes when they have smartphones and the Internet:

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"The Open Startup Initiative" by Baremetrics supports companies sharing metrics:
Good for their own business, too!

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Schöner Artikel "Generation Beziehungsunfähig" von michael nast, trifft bestimmt auf viele der "Gen Y" zu:

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Remember I was working on a tool to show the recent "hottest" posts from your ADN followings? Here's the first version, finally:
Would love to see some testers and feedback!

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