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Co-Founder & CTO Jadoos Inc.
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Creator of : connecting and the !

Interested in way too many things!
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Great article that, starting from the Germans' preference for cash over cashless payment methods, tells the history of German currency and attitude towards money in the country:

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Interesting article about contract workers vs employees in service provider companies like Uber:

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So far my day was spent catching up with my newsreader and the many articles I had stored for later. A few ended up in my Buffer queue and will thus be shared here throughout the next days.

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Mark Fernandes (@0xmf):

The thing is: I am willingly accept I could be wrong, yet some like to think they are always right.

We all have blindspots in our logically arranged view of the world; truly smart people are aware of their blindspots. The rest are ideologues and morons.

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That moment when you absent-mindedly type "sudo rm -rf *" on a production server ...

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