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Co-Founder & CTO Jadoos Inc.
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Interesting study on the monetary value of learning different foreign languages (for Americans): (via The Economist)

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I haven't posted here in over a week :-o. But don't worry, I'm still alive and haven't left, was just very busy! I was also not able to participate in the , but I'm excited seeing the activity from last weekend and ADN feels very alive.

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Got an email from @flattr telling me I made €0.01 last month. Thank you! I consider this my "lucky penny".

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I just have the nerdiest mobile carrier ever! Latest feature: I can now set up an HTTP POST for receiving incoming calls.

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Social Networks - Communities or Utilities?!

This is something that has been on my mind a lot recently, especially in terms of what is happening with "alternative" social networks such as and, most recently, Ello, but also the larger networks and the web in general. I'd like to postulate that social networks can be used in one of two ways, as communities or as utilities, and that this is both influenced by the network itself through its design and architecture but it also has a lot to do with the individual users and how they would like to perceive it. Users can even be a "community type" or "utility type" and the opinions of users of these types may often clash with each other.

The "community type" is typically heavily invested into a social network. They connect and bond with new people and also help others to connect and they shape and adopt trends and memes happening inside a network. For them, the service provider and its members become a single entity that they are emotionally involved with. They often use smaller networks with tight-knit communities where everyone seems to know each other or carve their own slice out of larger networks which then is perceived as representative of the network as a whole.

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Met two friends this weekend who I had not seen for years. Had great and inspiring conversations. I should really do that more often.

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