Lukas Rosenstock

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Co-Founder & CTO Jadoos Inc.
(Disclaimer: Content shared here expresses my personal opinion.)

Creator of : connecting and the !

Interested in way too many things!
Posts in English und auf Deutsch.

"4 Reasons Why Being Busy Is Not Something to Be Proud Of":
Remember, busy is not the same as productive!

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"Das Problem ist, dass die Ärmsten abseits stehen und ihr Elend nicht für alle sichtbar ist" Bill Gates im Interview:

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Got an Indian cooking book years ago. Finally managed to actually cook something from it.

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"It's time to let go of 'smart'":
Interesting thought: Words become meaningless once they describe the default.

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"Obama backs call for tech backdoors":
Not a good idea. Serious criminals and terrorists always find a way around.

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Marcel Weiss (@marcelweiss):

Schere zwischen Arm und Reich wird größer *und* der Menschheit geht es im Schnitt so gut wie nie. Parallele Entwicklungen sind möglich..

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