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Last night I listened to the latest @monday episode in which @macgenie interviewed @ton. It was quite inspirational; I especially liked the idea of his “Birthday Unconference”.

Something else that got me thinking was their discussion at the beginning of the episode about blogging in different languages. Ton primarily writes in English but also sometimes posts in Dutch or German. He used to dabble with separating the languages into different blogs but ultimately decided to put everything in the same feed and tag or categorize the content.

For me, I never liked this idea of having multi-lingual content on the same blog, even when it’s tagged or categorized (inconsistently, I do post in multiple languages on Facebook, though). At the same time, I probably don’t put out enough content to justify multiple websites. I used to have multiple Twitter accounts, but even that was a little cumbersome to manage.

My blog and also my tweets are mainly about the tech industry, especially the narrow API and DevRel niche. My business targets international clients, and I share a lot of external content, which mostly is in English as well. Therefore, I think it makes sense for me to focus all my writing on English language content. On top of that, as I mentioned in my recent post about motivations to blog more, I want to improve my written English. Another important aspect is that the focus on one language avoids the mental load of making the decision which language the next post should have.

On a side note: I do have one German 🇩🇪 social media presence, though, and that is my Innovators Gießen Twitter account, where I share mostly tech content with local relevance to the region where I live.